Salted Caramel Cups

4 Cups
Tip: If you are using soft fresh dates, use 18 dates. You can use smaller cups to make more cups



200g vegan chocolate

10 medjool dates
4 tbsp Sproud Original

1/4 tsp sea salt



  1. Melt the chocolate over a water bath or in a microwave.
  2. Add a thin layer of melted chocolate in the bottom of each cupcake case (4 cupcake cases in total) then place in the fridge.
  3. Now add dates, Sproud and sea salt to a food processor or use a hand mixer. Mix until smooth (doesn’t have to be completely smooth).
  4. Add a few teaspoons of caramel to each chocolate base.
  5. Add rest of the chocolate on top of the caramel, then let the cups sit in the fridge until they are firm.

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