The Alternative

Plant-based milk

Froth it. Pour it. Mix it. Blend it.

***k, that's made of peas

100% Vegan Plant Protein

Lactose, Nut, Soy and Gluten FREE

***k, That’s healthy

5x More Protein Than Almond Milk

3x More Protein Than Oat Milk

Zero Sugar and Sweetener In Sproud Unsweetened

50% Less Sugar Than Dairy Milk

75% Fewer Carbs Than Oat Milk

***k, That’s sustainable

80% Less water usage than almond milk

75% Lower carbon footprint than dairy

You won’t find us in the fridge section in your grocery store, reducing our carbon footprint by 30%

Regenerative Farming
Our peas regenerate the soil as they grow

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Sproud is Tasty as ***K! But you don’t have to take our word for it!

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