The food system of today needs a reboot. Replacing dairy products with plant-based alternatives plays an important role in lowering the climate impact from food.

Sproud started in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö, Sweden. Their shared passion for sustainability and decades of experience from the food sector led them to the core of Sproud: the yellow split pea. Our m*lks have the lowest climate impact of all plant-based m*Iks*.

Sproud is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with an additional office in London and exports to 30 countries. The Sproud mission is simple: create plant-based products that are so good, you don’t miss dairy. The company’s investors include VGC Partners (a growth capital investor based in London), Findeln Holding (a Malmö-based, family-owned investment company in which Sproud co-founder Nicklas Jungberg is a majority shareholder) and Swedish investment group Dream Beverage.

In 2023, Sproud became the first food company on the planet to be verified according to ISO 26000, an international standard that commits companies to sustainable and socially responsible ways of doing business.

*For CO2e comparisons, see www.besproud.com/sustainability