Sproud is now verified to ISO 26000 standards

Not to boast, but in 2023 we became the first food company on earth to be verified to ISO 26000 standards.


OK, so we’re going to boast a bit. It’s a big deal.


ISO 26000 is an international standard that commits companies to sustainable, socially responsible ways of doing business. It’s a promise to work in a way that benefits the planet and society, not just the bottom line.


Of course, that’s something we’ve cared about since before Sproud was founded. But we wanted to prove it. So we had our entire business analysed by Verify Agency of Sweden AB, a third-party auditor that’s accredited by Swedac, the government’s national accreditation body, for ISO / IEC 17029: 2019. That’s a lot of numbers, but basically it means they make sure that companies, laboratories and manufacturers are doing exactly what they say, on behalf of Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Important stuff.


Verify Agency dug deep into everything we do: procurement, sourcing, marketing, sales, R&D, customer services and finance. And they found that we do indeed practise what we preach. You can see our verification here.


What does that mean? For one, it’s confirmation that the way we do business is sustainable, socially and environmentally. It also means that we adhere to the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), an incoming set of regulations that will hold companies to the same standards for sustainability reporting as they are for financial reporting. It’s all part of the EU’s efforts to become the first carbon neutral economy by 2050. Also very important stuff.


So like we say, it’s a big deal. And one we’re very Sproud about.


Read the Verification here

Read the Self-declaration here

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