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Overall, plant-based foods produce half the climate impact of animal-based ones. And of all plant-based m*lks, Sproud has the lowest footprint.* Our alt-alt m*lk is based on yellow split peas, which beside their nutritional wins (high protein and low sugar) need little water, promote biodiversity and play an important role in regenerative agriculture by fixing nitrogen in the soil.

But of course, relying on the pea’s sustainability benefits only isn’t good enough and having a product with lower impact than others is no excuse for not working to reduce it further. Our sustainability program is based on three pillars – environmental, social, and economic – and designed to support the 2030 Global Goals.

Our focus lies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pushing the shift to more sustainable eating and drinking habits. Simply because we think that’s the most urgent thing to do. If we are serious about reversing global warming (and we are!), moving to a plant-based diet is a must.

Sproud is the first food company to be granted ISO 26000 status. It’s an international standard that commits companies to sustainable and in particular socially responsible ways of doing business. We are also in the process to become B-Corp certified. B-Corp is a sustainability certification with its main focus on social responsibility. Besides following legislation and rules, it includes being fully transparent about the impact on the planet, environmentally as well as socially, and demonstrating value-add to the society.