Can I consume Sproud beyond the best-before date?

The shelf life is 13 months from production but the products are shelf stable and, if stored unopened at room temperature, can last longer. Make sure you shake the package well before you open it. Preferably consume the product within a week after you open it and make sure you store an open package in the refrigerator.


We are passionate about reducing food waste. Sproud products are produced in aseptic packaging (Tetra Pak) and can usually be consumed after the best-before date has passed. This means that the product’s ‘best before’ date is not definite, but that it is possible to for the product to be consumed after. However, we can only guarantee the product’s quality in terms of taste, smell, and texture until the best-before date.  We suggest that you smell and taste the product before consuming it. If it smells bad or sour it is not likely to taste good. Otherwise, you should not be worried about consuming the product.
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