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Low-carb milk, that should be an easy box to tick! Just check the label and see what option has the least carbs, right? Oh how great it would be if things were that easy. But it is a bit more complicated than that. 

First of all you are not a machine, you are a human. And humans want and deserve great taste. They also have personal preferences and dietary needs. 

Second, it is still important to balance your nutritional intake on a low-carb diet – so what does the overall nutritional content look like? 

All this can be hard to navigate, but fear not. We will guide you through it. What we can tell you straight of the bat is that we offer pea-based milk substitutes, and that they fit well into a low-carb diet. 

Our drinks offer great taste and low environmental impact, while being low in carbs and high in protein. Especially consider Sproud Unsweetened with less than 1 gram of carbs per cup. Keep reading to find out more.

First things first – what is low-carb milk? 

The idea with low-carb diets is to reduce your intake of carbohydrates, in favour of protein and fat. One type of carb is sugar, and the carb and sugar contents of milk options can vary greatly. 

To make a long story short: low-carb milks are the alternatives that are lower in carbs and sugars. 

What level of carbohydrates constitutes low-carb is of course not set in stone. And it may be helpful to look at your total carb intake, rather than to zoom in too closely on individual kinds of food. Having said that, dairy milk and some plant-based milk alternatives contain an amount of carbs that may surprise you. 

How Sproud products fit into your low-carb diet

Sproud offers a selection of pea-based milk alternatives – all of them work for a low-carb diet. The thing is low-carb does not mean no carb. 

If you want our most low-carb option, Sproud Unsweetened knocks it out of the park with 0 sugar. But our other drinks serve different purposes while still being relatively low-carb compared to a lot of similar options. 

For example Sproud Chocolate, which is a great-tasting and relatively low-carb chocolatey treat. Or Sproud Barista, an extra creamy milk alternative that can be easily frothed for espresso drinks. 

Sproud Unsweetened – the superior choice

With less than 1 gram of carbs per cup and no compromise on taste, you should really try out Sproud Unsweetened Pea Milk if you want a more enjoyable low-carb diet. In a taste test, nine out of ten consumers chose Sproud Unsweetened over market leading unsweetened oat and soy options. 

It looks like milk, tastes like milk and can be used the same way as milk. Unsweetened is the perfect option to always keep a pack of at home to make your low-carb diet more sustainable for you. It’s especially suited for athletes and people with an active lifestyle Use Unsweetened in coffees, teas, low-carb desserts and cooking. Or have a glass all by itself!

H3: Sproud Barista – for the coffee enthusiast

With only 4 grams of carbs per cup, Sproud Barista is more low-carb than a lot of other options. It is also easy to froth barista style and is extra creamy in texture. 

Whip it with a milk frother, pour it straight into coffee or use it any other way you would use milk. Extra creaminess and incredible taste will persuade you that those grams of carbs really work hard to be there. 

Sproud Chocolate – as tasty as it gets

Our chocolate milk alternative contains 12 grams of carbs per cup, which is obviously more carbs than in the other Sproud drinks presented here. But in relation to many other chocolate milk alternatives, this is a relatively low number. Feel free to compare with other options available to you. 

Sproud Chocolate is a great treat for those times when you want to quench a sweet tooth in a relatively low-carb way. Here is an idea: heat it up for a cosy hot chocolate that could not be easier to prepare.

What makes Sproud a great low-carb milk substitute?

While Sproud’s products overall are relatively low-carb, that is not the only advantage of our pea drinks. They are also high in protein – and made from a complete protein source with all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce by itself but need to function well. 

They have also been enriched with vitamins and minerals. In fact, Sproud Unsweetened has the same vitamin and mineral content as semi skimmed milk. 

So the reasons to pick Sproud is not just related to what you are getting less of (carbs), but also about what you are getting more of.

Also, Sproud is delicious with a taste that is very similar to milk in texture, flavour and colour. It can be used just like regular milk from cows with similar results, in hot dishes as well as cold. 

If you have any allergies, you will be happy to hear that all Sproud products are lactose, milk, gluten and soy free. 

All this while being produced in an eco-friendly way from yellow split peas, which is an especially sustainable choice. 

Comparing Sproud to other low-carb milk alternatives

Sproud is a great low-carb option compared to many others. To give you an idea of what the market looks like, we have made a comparison below. 

We have purely compared protein and carb contents – so keep in mind that taste, eco-friendliness, price, other nutritional content and allergens might change your personal opinion on the different options. 

Dairy milk

While cow’s milk is normally higher in protein than Sproud, it also tends to be higher in carbohydrates than Sproud Original, Barista and Unsweetened. 

Hemp milk

Hemp milk can be relatively high in carbs, but if you choose an unsweetened version the carb content is often drastically reduced. Hemp milk typically has about as much protein as Sproud or less. 

Oat milk

While there are unsweetened oat milk options, they still tend to contain more carbs than Sproud Unsweetened, Original and Barista. Also, the protein content tends to be lower. 

Almond milk

This is a common choice for low-carb diets. However, the carb contents of unsweetened almond milk alternatives are often higher than or comparable to that of Sproud Unsweetened. And Sproud Unsweetened has more protein than many almond milks. 

Coconut milk

Unsweetened coconut milk tends to have about the same carb content as Sproud Unsweetened, but less protein. 

Macadamia nut milk

While low in carbs, unsweetened macadamia milk is typically also low in protein. 

Rice milk

Often being high in carbs and low in fats as well as protein, neither regular rice milk nor unsweetened rice milk is a great option for cutting carbs.

Cashew milk

While nutritional contents in cashew milk options can vary, even unsweetened versions sometimes have a higher carb content than Sproud Unsweetened. Sproud also contains more or comparable amounts of protein to cashew alternatives.

Soy milk

Carb contents in soy milks can vary greatly, so be sure to check the label. Some soy drinks contain a lot of carbs, while some have carb contents comparable to Sproud’s. Soy drinks typically contain more protein than our pea drinks. 

Environmentally friendly and eco-conscious

When you choose a low-carb milk substitute from Sproud, you can stay on track with your diet with a clean eco-conscience. Being entirely vegan, our drinks require no animals and therefore less resources than cow’s milk. But even compared to crops like oats, soy and almonds, our yellow split peas are especially eco-friendly. You see, those other vegan options require 10 times more water and land than peas.

What makes Sproud even more sustainable is that the products we distribute in North America are made from Canadian-grown peas in Canada. By choosing Sproud, you provide invaluable help in supporting your local agricultural industries.

As unopened packs do not need refrigeration, transportation and storage of our drinks require less electricity. And our drinks stay fresh for up to 365 days if left unopened, which reduces the risk of food wastage. Our packaging is recyclable Tetra Pak, one of the best solutions available – a lot of milk alternative providers use plastic packaging for their products, which unsurprisingly isn’t very good for the environment.

Sproud’s production process works entirely without hazardous chemicals. And what is left over from the peas does not go to waste. For example the outer skin of the peas is used in animal feed, because we believe that what is taken from the soil, needs to return to the soil. Learn more about our process where we go more in depth into our logistical philosophy.

Great low-carb recipes with Sproud’s milk options

Sproud can be used exactly as you would use regular milk from cows. Add some to get that creamy texture in hot dishes. Prepare some luscious breakfasts or low-carb desserts. Whip up a smoothie or make a hot drink. 

There are plenty of ways to make a low-carb diet more interesting, but we know it can be hard to feel inspired every day. So it might be good to know that you can mostly swap milk in other recipes for Sproud with similar results. 
But what if you are still struggling to figure out what you are going to make for your next meal, let alone next week? Well, we have got you covered. Our recipe bank is full to the brim with ideas to get inspired by and try out for yourself. So have a look through it and bookmark your favourites. Check out our vegan and low-carb oriented recipes.

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