Sproud – one of the best low-carb milk alternatives

Sproud unsweetened

Low-carb milk, that should be an easy box to tick! Just check the label and see what option has the least carbs, right? Oh how great it would be if things were that easy. But it is a bit more complicated than that.  First of all you are not a machine, you are a human. […]

Sproud pea milk – perfect for lactose intolerant people

Lactose free milk

First off: what is lactose intolerance? Being lactose intolerant means that you are unable to digest lactose, which is a kind of sugar found in milk products. If you consume lactose anyways, you may experience bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.  Lactose intolerant people have a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which helps the body break […]


Keto diet

What makes Sproud a keto friendly alternative to milk? Sproud Original Pea Milk contains a low amount of carbohydrates and sugar compared to cow’s milk. But if you are on the hunt for a keto friendly alternative to milk, Sproud Unsweetened is even better. With less than 1 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of […]