Est. 2018

We need new sources of protein. The kinds that make both us and the planet work. At Sproud we create vegan products powered by peas. We do this for many reasons, as the pea is simply extraordinary. It´s nutritious, pure and has a low carbon footprint.

We are a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö in the south of Sweden, a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends gets started. We have a shared passion for innovative environmentally friendly food and drink.

In a time of big challenges, we believe “better products” are part of the solution. We strive to make foods and proteins that are nutritious, healthy and delicious.

Sproud Original Drink & Sproud Barista


Vår amibiton att skapa produkter baserade på en hållbar proteinkälla resulterade i Sproud Original Drink och Sproud Barista. Vi lanserade Original Drink under hösten 2018 och har sedan dess fortsatt att utveckla produkter som gör gott – för dig och för miljön. 

Sproud Nutrition is launched in Sweden

We know it’s a jungle out there when it comes to vegan sports nutrition. So we decided to create our own range of vegan protein powders and nutrition. So far Sproud Nutrition is only launched in Sweden – but hey! Hold on, we’re coming for you.

Sproud Nutrition is a range of three different protein powders, one Greens-mix and our vegan pre-workout without artificial caffein.

A growing brand

At a time characterized by climate anxiety and sustainability issues, we felt it was time for a change. Our ambition was to create good products with minimal climate footprint. Since the launch of Sproud, our vision has always been to become the leading vegan lifestyle brand. Our mission is to make it easy for ordinary people to choose climate-friendly vegan products, that actually tastes good! We are constantly working to develop new vegan products to make your green choices easier. Is there any particular product you want to see in Sproud’s range or do you have other tips or questions for us? Do not hesitate to contact us below!


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