Sproud Officially the First M*lk Alternative to be SugarWise Certified

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Sproud x Sugarwise A great step towards a healthier world.

At Sproud we aim to be, not only the best tasting, but also the healthiest, and most environmentally friendly m*lk alternative available. It’s an ethos engrained within the company’s identity and something we’re always striving to achieve. Which is why we are delighted to announce that our products are officially the first m*lk alternatives to be SugarWise certified.                               

What is SugarWise

SugarWise is a fantastic internationally recognize organization that certifies brands based on their sugar and health claims. Founded in 2015 by Rend Planting who decided, for the sake of the newly born daughters future, to combat the alarming sugar content in what we consume. This came about after she noticed that the majority of the baby food she was buying happened to be very high in free sugar (Sugar added to products already containing natural sugars). At the time there were also few low sugar alternatives available, and very little consumer awareness as to the amount sugar in the products they were purchasing. This is why SugarWise was created to promote awareness, visibility and demand for healthier alternatives.

SugarWise is an organization that certifies different products, ingredients and brands based on their sugar and health profiles. Once certified, Sugarwise provides different products with a variety of labels depending on what they qualify for.  The criteria for which, is in line with EU food health claims and other regulatory bodies depending on which market the products are sold in.                                                                       

The companies that are certified are then allowed to display the labels on their packaging and in brand media. Labels include simple messages such as ‘low sugar’ ‘reduced sugar’ ‘reduced carbs’ to name a few, which provide the consumer with a quick and easy way to get information about the products they are purchasing, and as Rend Planting puts it “Facilitating clarity and transparency so people know what they are buying”. Studies showed that even if people weren’t aware of SugarWise they could deduce what the certifications meant 80% of the time.  The labels and certification also aid in boosting demand for low sugar products, in turn promoting a greater quality standard within the food industry.

In only 5 years SugarWise  has now certified over 500 brands across multiple countries. Which is a huge achievement and a great step forward in promoting greater well-being across the globe.

SugarWise is far more than a certificate, however, the company also actively promotes its message through a variety of campaigns and educational initiatives. For example, the #DontTaxHealthy campaign which aimed at petitioning the government to cut VAT to 5% on all food products considered low/reduced in sugar and calories. On top of this, a lot of work is done with schools to improve food knowledge and healthy eating with younger children. Something that is key, considering UK government figures estimate that primary school children can sometimes consume up to 10 times the recommended amount of sugar during a typical school day.                                                                                

At Sproud we are wholeheartedly in support of all the great work that Rend and the rest of the team are doing, which is why we are so proud to obtain this certification.

The Future.

The SugarWise certification represents a great step forward for us as a company and is recognition of the efforts made to produce, not only great tasting, but healthy and nutritious products. Maria Tegman one of the founders of Sproud stated that she is “so proud that Sproud is the first milk alternative to be awarded the accreditation, we’re very eager to help consumers to reduce their sugar intake in everyday life”.                                                      

We all want to see a healthier more prosperous world, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. And whilst the task is a daunting one companies like SugarWise are making a huge dent in the health crisis we as a species face today. We at Sproud are excited to help them achieve their goal by providing people with a product that can help transition to a healthier lower sugar diet without sacrificing taste!

Interested in reading more check out the SugarWise website: www.sugarwise.org

By Alex Forbes

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