Sproud Officially Avaliable in Booths.

Swedish pea-milk brand, Sproud, signs major listing in Northern England with Booths, which becomes the first supermarket to stock all three variants

Booths stores now stock all three Sproud variants including; Unsweetened, which contains zero gram sugar and is a versatile replacement for semi-skimmed milk, Barista, which with its creamy texture is ideal for frothing and has become a favourite of the barista community across Europe, and Chocolate, which brings a delicious indulgent taste but is lower in sugar than other chocolate milk alternatives.

Booths was founded all the way back in 1847 by Edwin Henry Booth when he opened a tea shop in Blackpool. The company expanded to sell alcohol before becoming a private limited company in 1896. Still to this day the company is family owned with Edwin J. Booth being the current chairman, a winner of the Prince of Wales Ambassador Award for his work with Booths in the local communities of the North West . Booths was the first supermarket chain in the North West of the UK and still retains a strong presence in the area.

Maria Tegman, CEO and co-founder at Sproud comments: “We are so excited to expand our presence in Northern England, and Booths, with its focus on high-quality products and modern approach, makes the perfect partner for us. Our Unsweetened remains our no.1 variant in the UK because of its versatility and zero-sugar content, but we know that many of our Sproud fans here like using all three products, so we are really glad that Booths have recognised this by making the full range available to its customers.”

Sproud matches the taste and mouthfeel as well as nutritional profile of dairy milk, with its Unsweetened providing the closest alternative to semi-skimmed milk. All of its products are allergen-free, high in protein, and fortified with essential vitamins and amino acids.

Booths represents another major step forward in Sproud’s continual growth in the UK this year. We are very pleased and honoured to play a role in helping build and retain the proud history of Booths

Edited by Alex Forbes from Press Release by Amanda Wirhed

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