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Healthy eating is one of the most important aspects of life, and vital in maintaining a balanced and well-rounded existence. Unfortunately, one of the core difficulties that people are faced with when it comes to healthy eating is price. A true structural flaw of the world around us that makes humanities collective well-being a struggle is that, in many instances, unhealthy food is simply cheaper. For example, fresh strawberries can cost up to 3 pounds in supermarkets, whereas a frozen pizza, typically high in sugars and calories, can be equal if not cheaper in price.

The good news is that, as with many of the issues we face, there is a silver lining in the amount of brilliant and innovative work going on to tackle such issues.

This is why we at Sproud are extrememly excited to announce that we are one of the founding partners of the fantastic healthy eating app SMASH!

Here is what SMASH is in their own words:

SMASH – Save Money and Stay Healthy – is an exciting new app that gives 13-24 year olds money off better food options at the places they buy food and love to eat.We want young adults to have easier, cheaper access to better options to enable them to benefit from the healthier choices they want to make.The brainchild of ex-KFC board member Chris Holmes (now Chief SMASHer and founder of SMASH), ably assisted by finance whizz Mark Currie, nutritionist Jenny Rosborough with Ella’s kitchen founder Paul Lindley as chair. SMASH proudly partners with Guy’s & St Thomas’ charity, with support from Bite Back 2030 to make better balanced food easier to find and more accessible for the 9 million 13-24 year olds in the UK!

Not only does SMASH greatly help in promoting healthier eating, but it also simultaneously educates younger people in how to eat a balanced diet by guiding them towards healthier options. The earlier people are aware of what they are eating the greater the basis for continued success there is! And if it also helps people save money whilst doing so then it’s a win win!

SMASH Links:

SMASH is available for all to browse but the vouchers are only for 13-24 year olds in the UK, so if you are fortunate enough to fall under that category find below the links to download and follow SMASH!

Download the app: https://bit.ly/3tnFoUb 

*This link is usable on mobile only and will detect the correct device to guide users to download the app

Instagram: @smash.app

Facebook: @smashapp.uk

Twitter: @smash__app

by Alex Forbes

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