To eat greener is not only better for you – it’s better for our planet! At Sproud we’re always trying to reduce our carbon footprint, you should too. A greener way of living and eating doesn’t mean boring, we promise!

Here’s our easiest tips to get started on a green habit!

1. Try to make your favorite dish vegetarian – or even vegan!

There are vegetarian takes to almost every dish. Just replace the meat with something else. How about exchanging your meat-tacos with grilled veggies or beans? It is tasty and don’t worry – beans are rich in protein too.

2. Go Inspo-hunting!

Find yourself a blogger or influencer that inspires you! Pro tip: start looking for colorful inspiration on Instagram and you’ll definitely start to drool.

3. Experiment!

There are meat-substitutes which is not only better for environmental reasons but also better for you! Meat-substitutes, usually based on soy or tofu, has a high amount of vegetable protein and are lower in bad cholesterol. Find which substitute that suits you best and dare to try something new!

4. M*lk it!

A dairy lover, are you? There are a bunch of substitutes for that too! Plant-based milks makes a minimal water footprint compared to regular cow milk. Choosing a substitute for milk is easy – just choose between drinking oats, peas, soy, almond, cashew and yadda yadda. The choice is yours!

5. Cook large portions!

Buying in bulk and cooking larger portions is a good idea for both the planet and your wallet. It’s also a huge time-saver, and who doesn’t love that. Use your fridge and freezer to store your array of food! Pro tip: freeze berries and fruits and save for future smoothies!

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