Our beautiful yellow split peas that are rich in protein and fibers, are grown and harvested in the latter stages of summer by farmers in France and Canada providing for Europe and North America.


First, the peas are dried, and their outer skins are removed. The peas are then transported to our process plants, where we extract the protein, starch and fibers, which are then ground into a super fine, protein-rich powder.


Once the peas have grown to maturity they are harvested and prepared for transportation. The pea then gets transported to the filling plants, either in Tingsryd Sweden or Toronto Canada.


The process uses about 10% less water than the water required for almonds, and less land than oat, making peas a far more sustainable ingredient.


Different ingredients are added depending on the Sproud variant including water, calcium, vitamins, oat oil and agave syrup that make up our delicious product.


Thea peas are ready to be transformed into our delicious dairy-free milk alternative. Our QA team at Sproud checks the recipea before it is packed into our sustainable and ambient cartons.


Sproud is packaged, transported and delivered at room temperature in aseptic Tetra Pak packaging.


There is no need for fridges and thanks to our 365 day shelf life we truly think mother nature would be Sproud of our product.
Be Sproud.


Eating a plant-based diet is not only good for you, it’s good for Mother Nature too. As our knowledge of following a plant-based diet deepens we know it’s not just good for your physical short-term health, it also helps your long-term health. Plants are amazing. Full of fibre, super high in vitamins and good for our digestion; our clever scientists wanted to find the ultimate power plant for our products. We discovered the pea – not the garden pea – but the fabulous magnificent yellow split pea. Pea power leads the way – it needs less water to culture and contains loads of protein which is possible to extract without lots of harmful chemical solvents. Months of research in our Swedish HQ went into discovering better sources of protein; protein that has a minimal carbon footprint, protein that comes with clean processes and protein that produces nutritious and delicious products.  Compared to previous generations of plant-based products – based on soy, nuts and grains – our split pea is superior in every way. That made our very clever scientists very hap-pea indeed. Our products are made of protein from dry yellow peas currently cultivated in Canada and Europe, where the protein is also extracted. It’s a clean process without chemical solvents. Whether producing in Toronto, CA, for North America, or France for the rest of Europe, the supply chain is local and short. And in the future we also plan to use peas cultivated here in Sweden. The powerful pea has many great qualities. Besides “no milk, no gluten and no soy” our pea is also free of (or low in) a lots of other not-so-good stuff. It’s non-GMO and does not contain any cholesterol or allergens. And it’s low in sugar and fat. And that will make you hap-pea too.


We searched for a long time to find the perfect plant-based, tasty protein with a low carbon footprint. We wanted to come together with Mother Nature to perfect a protein that was also climate friendly. After years of research and working in food and drink sectors our Sproud founders discovered the powerful (split) pea. We discovered that pea protein is not just a tasty way to follow a nutrition plant-based diet. It gives back to Mother Nature too. Pea protein is more sustainable than all the other dairy alternatives out there. Protein made from peas is also more sustainable than animal-based protein. The impact of our powerful little pea has a positive effect on the planet. Our peas put nitrogen back into the soil. This makes it a regenerative crop. This also means by harvesting the split pea, we can do our bit to help reverse climate change by rebuilding the soil’s organic matter and restoring soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon draw down and improving the water cycle. The power of the pea means we can do our bit to try and help Mother Nature stay as powerful as she can be. By using and harvesting the split pea not only do we do no harm to the land – we improve it. The powerful pea can regenerate and revitalise the soil. By giving peas a chance, you’re giving Mother Nature a chance Living a more sustainable lifestyle means we can all do our part to help the plane We all need to come together. Together we can all make small steps to help our environment. By making small steps to a more sustainable future we can all help protect and preserve Mother Nature.