The Mighty Pea Protein

Pea protein! Let’s talk about this amazing vegan protein… once more.


The eternal question when it comes to plant-based proteins is whether they are adequate proteins or not. When it comes to vegan proteins there are no straight answers. Some vegan proteins are adequate while others are incomplete. Pea protein, which is (of course) our favorite, is an adequate plant-based protein! How come? Well, as you might have read HERE, pea protein contains the essential amino acids that your body requires.


Studies shows that there are countless benefits of pea protein. One of those are the fact that pea protein can lower ghrelin, the hormon that notifies you brain whenever you’re hungry. Pea protein has been proved to keep you fuller for longer and increases the feeling of saturation. That’s a YAY from us whose stomachs are constantly growling!

Other studies has shown that pea protein can also positively affect your health. If you, for example, are suffering from high blood pressure – it’s possible to lower your blood pressure by consuming pea protein! Pea protein can actually give you a better heart health. Even diabetics can experience the benefits of pea protein, since the protein keeps your blood sugar stable and doesn’t peak you blood sugars.


Are you interested in changing your whey protein for pea protein? Well, now there’s nothing stopping you. Except for all the benefits you’ve already read – pea protein is also a climat friendly protein that doesn’t require a lot of water- or land consumption or unnecessary spraying and fertilizing. Read more in our previous article and choose a vegan protein that is good for you and for the planet.

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