During the past weeks it has been an on going food exhibit at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. The exhibit is all about the foods of the future – what we’ll be on our plate a couple of years from now? The exhibition takes shape from visions, trends and climate-friendly foods.

Sproud wants to be a part of the revolution when it comes to eating greener. But which changes are neccessary? We often talk about a plant-based diet and switching animal proteins for plant- and legume-based proteins. That way we minimize our environmental footprint.

Today people take a lot more responsibility for their own environmental footprints, more than ever actually. There is a trend when it comes to eating greener – both for your health and for the environment. The new trends became the start of this exhibition about how the future diets will look. Will our diet include protein from insects? Or will it be a 100% plant-based? The future will tell, so to speak.

Having insects on your plate might seem far, far away and to many people that will never be an option. So we decided to do a little list on what you can do here and now. This list will help you get a little further on your road to become a FutureEater – or at least an environmental hero:

  • Reduce your waste – to plan your meals and making sure that you don’t have to throw away perfectly fine foods is a way to reduce your waste. Make lunchboxes too! It’s good for your wallet and the environment.
  • Expired food doesn’t mean bad food – Just because the expiration date is passed it doesn’t mean that the food is un-eatable. Smell the food and see whether or not it’s still good to go. Use your nose and eyes to decide when the food actually is ready to be thrown away.
  • Eat greener and cleaner – A vegan and plant-based diet is the key to a greener world. No more words needed, everybody knows that.
  • Vary your diet – Alright, even we know that not everyone are ready to swap the Sunday steak for a baked turnip. And that’s fine, it takes time to change your diet. But in the meantime – experiment! Try new things. Who knows – maybe you’ll fall for Oumph or a vegan lens pot?

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