Sproud was born in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs based in Malmö in the south of Sweden; a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends get started. Our founders have a shared passion for the split pea discovered after decades of working in innovative environmentally friendly food and drink sectors. In a time of big challenges, we believe “better products” are part of the solution. We want to make foods and proteins that are nutritious, healthy and delicious. Sproud is more than dairy-free milk alternative, it’s more than sustainability and taste coming together; it’s a family of people passionate about doing things better, about coming together to create great products with a minimal climate footprint. Wherever the Sproud family is working – whether at our HQ in Sweden or taking our products into new countries throughout Europe and the USA, we come together to support each other, share best practice and spread our hap-pea news. Sproud is a design and a conscious lifestyle coming together. It belongs to vegans just as much as to everyone else. It’s for lactose intolerants, gluten intolerants, and for people that simply want to make better food choices based on taste. Since the launch of Sproud, our vision has always been to become the leading plant-based lifestyle brand. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to choose climate-friendly vegan products that tastes good – and importantly are good for Mother Nature. Be Sproud. We’d love you to join our family.

Sproud is a Swedish innovation and 100% Swedish owned brand. The Sproud brand was born from a Swedish family investment group called Findeln holding in Malmö in 2018.  In late 2019 another Swedish investment group called Dream beverage acquired 50% in Sproud to fund international expansion.Sproud was designed , developed and is manufactured in Sweden for Europe. For North America the brand is packed in Canada using same technology and formulations and maintains it Swedish roots.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sproud is made from pea protein from dried, yellow peas. Sproud is produced in Sweden with high quality peas from Europe. 

Unfortunately we don’t offer organic products at the moment. We are currently working on sourcing high quality organic pea protein to manufacture Sproud and our goal is to make all of our products organic within 2 years. 


We use glutenfree oat oil without avenin – which usually is what causes sensitivity and allergies when consuming oats. That means that our products are allergen free according to EU and US legislation.

Agave has a low glycemic index and a higher sensation of sweetness. We use agave because of it’s good taste and also because it helps us to keep the sugar content low. Agave is rich in fructose but doesn’t spike your sugar levels. Sproud actually contains 32% less fructose than oat milk. If you compare the fructose levels – Sproud has 1,55g/100g while oat milk has about 2,25g/100g. 

We are actually working on an unsweetened m*lk as we speak. Stay tuned! 

You can find Sproud at your closest Sobey’s or Loblaws store. You can also buy our products online at Well.ca and Amazon.

REALLY GOOD. To be honest – it has a very round and neutral taste. A lot of people say that it’s the closest to dairy milk. Don’t you worry child – it doesn’t even taste like peas.