…where Taste & Sustainability Can Come Together.

We Swedish believe that coming together makes for a better world. Sproud is the dairy alternative that blends with the food and drinks you love. Creamy and foamy in coffee, perfect in tea, in smoothies and on cereals. It’s just like milk, but made from the remarkable pea, which uses less water and land, making it one of the most sustainable plant-based proteins. Plus it’s dairy, soy, nut and gluten free making it ideal for everyone. Sproud is the great thing that happens when sustainability and taste…Come together.


Peas are rich in protein and contain many important amino acids. Peas, like other legumes, help maintain a healthy gut, have low cholesterol levels as well as stabilizing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the pea has an extremely low environmental footprint compared to some other plantbased protein sources. Peas requires little water, almost ten times less than almond and require less land to cultivate than soy or oat and are allergen free.

“I was a big fan of oat milk for my coffee, but it took me some time to get used to the aftertaste. One day I got to try Sproud at my friends house, and I LOVED it. It had no planty aftertaste and worked really well in my tea. After years of being vegan a finally found a plantmilk that works in coffee or tea, baking, cooking, everything! Now I buy Sproud, and only Sproud. Thank you!”

Charlotte Byrne


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