Sproud isn’t just more sustainable than dairy. Our plant m*lks have the lowest carbon footprint of any dairy alternative. That makes us very Sproud indeed.


How do we know? Because we work with an independent auditor, CarbonCloud, to analyse our greenhouse gas emissions – calculated by kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent for every kilogram of product (CO2e/kg) – at every stage of Sproud’s lifecycle, from the fields to your store.


As Kermit put it, it’s not easy being green. All kinds of innovations go into that industry-leading number. The big one is our superhero ingredient, the yellow split pea, which takes less water, land and chemicals to grow than oats, almonds and soya. We farm and process them in Europe, to minimise shipping emissions. And then we blend it into a plant m*lk stays good for a year without refrigeration. That means even less energy on transport and storage. We’ve also introduced new Tetra Pak cartons, made from 88% plant-based material, which are completely recyclable. Even the lids.


This is just the start. By tracking everything from the fuel that powers our tractors, to the paper in our packaging, we can share results, not promises. And we can figure out where we need to improve to cut our emissions even more.


Unlike most companies, we work with CarbonCloud to update the figures for all our products every three months. Then we publish them on every product page on our website, and right on the front of every Sproud carton. It keeps us honest, with you and with ourselves. We stay focused on making Sproud a little bit more sustainable, every single day. And it means you can know precisely how your food and drink choices are helping the planet, right now.


See our CarbonCloud page