A healthy life is a life where you feel good from the inside and out. Living a healthy life means that you choose to work out, stress less and eat better. We’ve listed a few of our most important keys to a healthy life.


  1. Work out – regularly!
    To exercise on a regular basis is one of the best things we can do for our body. Studies shows that fysical activity doesn’t only make us happier and fitter – but it also makes parts of the brain grow! Exercise reduces the risk of having heart attacks and also reduces the risk of suffering from dementia. Working out is your new best friend if you want to get high on endorphines an dopamines!
  2. Learn to handle your stressToday you are supposed to be available 24/7. We are expected to do our best at work, be supportive friends and be loving partners. Our phones are constantly ringing and we always have mails to answer. We are more stressed than ever. Try to find your way of managing your stress. Do yoga, meditation or do a puzzle.
  3. Sleep well!Easier said than done, right? Studies shows that better sleep helps us recover. Without the right amount of sleep the risk of heart diseases and getting overweight increases. If you work out a lot the right amount of sleep is vital for your body to recover.
  4. Eat nutritious!Eating nutritious means a balanced diet. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies to fuel your body with vitamins and minerals. Choose a full-worthy protein of your choice, but try to avoid red meat. Red meat increases the risk of getting heart diseases and is bad for your cholesterol levels.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine!It’s a cliché, we know… but it’s true! Laughing releases endorphines and dopamines which makes us feel happy! And who doesn’t want to feel happy?
  6. Be your own best friend!Be kind to yourself! Build a good self-esteem and confidence. Start your day buy writing down three good things about yourself. End your day buy writing down three things that you did good today.
  7. Get yourself a good employer!Having a good employer and a job that you like is more important than you think. But don’t forget to listen to your body, make sure that your work don’t stress you out way to much. Dare to say no to tasks that you don’t have time for.
  8. Stay positive!With a positive mindset you can go so much further! Positive thinking is so basic – but yet, so hard! Try to see life in a positive way and you’ll be able to achieve more than you could imagine.

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